* Most of my projects are not opened sourced. If you're interested in the codebase, please contact me through here.

William Nagucki

You're viewing it! This project is my main portfolio. It includes all of my projects and an about me section!


Gulf Coast Security LLC

This was one of my first official projects. I redesigned the website to make it more readable and enjoyable to users. The design took about two days to complete. The project was handed to the owner of the company.



This project is a Discord bot I created for a small gaming community. The bot is made with the Discord.js library. It isn't anything massive, however, it got data from an API and sent that data to the users.


GTA World Link

This project is for the same community as the Discord bot above. Basically, this website allowed users to shorten URL's and create custom slugs. This is one of the projects I created during my PHP days using Laravel.